Site Policy:

  1. LiveWellSTL seeks to connect community members to existing activities and resources aimed at supporting them in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Events and initiatives included on LiveWellSTL will fall into at least one of the following four categories: Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Weight Loss or Health Education.
  2. LiveWellSTL is founded on the idea that community members will have the greatest chance of success in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight when they can easily know about and access the wide range of support already available in the community. With this in mind, LiveWellSTL will seek to be as inclusive as possible in its determinations of appropriate resources. A list of initial, broad criteria for listings on LiveWellSTL is below.
  3. Some resources, events, and organizations may be considered inappropriate to place on the site for a wide range of reasons. These reasons include if the nature of the activity would offend site users or if the sponsoring organization's other work and activities conflict with the vision and mission of the Midwest Health Initiative.
  4. If staff determines a potential listing to be potentially inappropriate, the listing organization will be informed with 72 hours that its listing is under review and the listing will not be posted until the review process is complete.
  5. The listing will then be brought to the Community Health Advisors (CHA) for further consideration and review. The CHA will then make a recommendation to the MHI Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, whichever body meets next, for final determination.
  6. If a site user contacts MHI with concerns about the appropriateness of a posting, staff will review its decision to post. If the decision to post is reversed, the organization will be contacted within 72 hours informing it of the complaint and the decision to put the listing under review. The review process will be the same as for new postings, with a CHA review and recommendation and a final Board or Executive Committee determination.


Criteria for Inclusion:

  1. Listing seeks to support St. Louis area residents in achieving or maintaining a healthy weight or better manage or prevent a condition such as diabetes or heart disease that is related to weight.
  2. Listing does not conflict with widely accepted medical science.
  3. Listing does not promote illegal or lewd activity.