About The Midwest Health Initiative

The Midwest Health Initiative or MHI is a non-profit 501(c)3, multi-stakeholder, regional health care improvement organization. It is supported by those who believe in the power of information and collaboration to improve health and create a high-quality, value-driven health care system.



  1. Our community's interest comes first. While our Board and Council members represent many views, at MHI they advocate for the best interest of the community. MHI will strive to improve the well-being of patients and our community.
  2. Progress cannot be achieved without active engagement and collaboration. No single entity has the sole responsibility or ability to heal our health care system. MHI will be a trusted partner, eager to collaborate and support the success of others.
  3. Transparency is the foundation of accountability. Greater transparency in health care will be good for patients, the practice of medicine, and our community. MHI will be open in its work and accountable to its partners.
  4. Learning from others is the basis of all advancement. MHI will be a place where sharing of information and ideas advances the health and health care of our community.
  5. Resources are limited. Current levels of health care spending threaten the economic security of individuals, families, businesses, communities, governments, and our nation. MHI will strive to avoid waste and duplication in its work.