3 Song Workout
Anytime, MO 63017
No Fee Required

A cardio workout in 10 minutes!

Try this 3 song workout to get you moving!
These exercises focus on cardio but check out the link for more 3 song workouts!

Listen to these songs:
Can't remember to forget you -- Shakira and Rihanna
Maneater -- Nelly Furtado
7/11 -- Beyonce

Complete this circuit twice:
60 Seconds of Jumping Lunges
60 Seconds of Jumping Jacks
60 Seconds of Jogging in Place
60 Seconds of Squat Jumps
60 Seconds of Mountain Climbers

And that's it!

For more 3 song workouts and the playlist you can listen to for this workout visit the link below

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