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Get a program written just for you, but without the cost of personal training.

At Complete Fitness Results, Personal Training is individualized fitness training programs in groups of two to four people. You receive the personal attention, accountability, and custom program design that you would in personal training and the camaraderie, and affordability of large group training.

Personal Training is also a great way to spend positive time with loved ones or make new friends! Studies show that people are less likely to miss sessions and are more likely to stick with their nutrition plan with a strong support system. What could be more fun than working out with like minded or people you know and love with the added support of a fitness coach?

What to Expect In a Personal Training Session
All Complete Fitness Results Personal Training sessions begin with tissue quality. We assist you in your tissue work by explaining the technique of foam rolling as well as assisting you with the areas specific to your needs. After tissue quality, we will be address any strength/muscular imbalances, mobility, and/or stability issues that you might have. Skilled trainers will assign corrective exercises and a warm-up specific to your body. The body of your workout will be tailored around your goals. Different goals require a different program design.

Fat loss, injury rehab, sports performance, and maintaining fitness are all things we cater to Personal Training. A fitness coach will be assigned to you and your small group and uphold all of the same standards as 1 on 1 personal training.

Every Day 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Kristy Mox