Total Fat Loss Workshop
St. Louis, MO 00000
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Shed those excess pounds without fear. Losing weight and keeping it off has never been so simple!

Spend an hour with me and learn HOW you will lose the weight AND keep it off during the holidays, birthdays, stressful days, boring days, and every other day.

Food is a vital part of our life. Since childhood, we are taught to use it as a reward, cure boredom, get over a breakup, or even something we need to watch tv.

No wonder we use it for more than the fuel source it is designed to be!

You will learn the 6 Steps to LOSE the weight and KEEP it off:

-YOUR calorie balance lose weight
-Macronutrients and what you NEED to eat
-Nutrient Timing for WHEN to eat
-Food Composition on WHAT to eat
-Weight Loss Mindset to STOP self-sabotage

July 6th, 2022 thru May 3rd, 2023
Wednesday 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM