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Sports Medicine & Training Center
119 Watson Plz
Saint Loui, MO 63126
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Comprehensive wellness program for lasting changes!

Wellness @ SMTC integrates physical therapy, fitness training, and health coaching from SMTC's skilled practitioners with nutrition counseling and physiological assessments provided by partners McDaniel Nutrition Therapy and The SIUE Exercise Physiology Lab.

Our one year comprehensive program, in collaboration with your physician, will empower you to make meaningful lifestyle changes leading to long-lasting improvements to your health.

Services include but are not limited to: initial program consultation, semi-personal training, nutrition consultations and follow-ups, monitoring of vital signs and anthropometrics, exercise testing, DXA Scans, stretching services, Diet by DNA tests, lifestyle, performance coaching, and more!

More about Sports Medicine & Training Center:

SMTC specializes in general orthopedics, sports-related physical therapy and a variety of fitness programs and classes. Our highly qualified staff has broad experience working with individuals at any fitness level, from the general population all the way to professional dancers and elite athletes.

We believe that the best approach to healthy living is a
comprehensive one, including nutrition, physical fitness, and health counseling, in collaboration with medical services from your physician.

This program can be started at any point. Email us or call for more information on how we can help you live a healthier life!

Begins on: February 15th, 2022
On the 1st day of January every year starting 2:45 PM to3:45 PM
Wellness Staff