Shape Up Us Presents Young Lions Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses & Health and Wellness Expo
Tilles Park
9551 Litzsinger Rd
St. Louis, MO 63124
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Family Engagement Event

Shape Up US Presents Young Lions Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course & Health & Wellness Expos
Shape Up Us Health and Wellness Expos is a national movement to improve the health of our communities by stemming the tide of heart disease and obesity. Shape Up Us offers free healthy lifestyle expositions and activities in cities throughout the nation. Each Health & Wellness Expo is designed to promote wellness, create awareness and educate the public about the prevention of heart disease while providing a day of fun for the entire family.

Shape Up Us has partnered with Conquer Youth ( Conquer Youth™ is the nation’s #1 Youth Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Family! Young Lions OCR™ is our EPIC ninja warrior style obstacle course event for youth ages 5-17. Run, jump, crawl, climb, and swing through our amazingly fun and challenging obstacles. Each course will be around 1.25 miles long and feature 10 signature Conquer Youth™ obstacles.

These Health & Wellness Expos:
• Children and Families of all ages enter the EXPO. As soon as they enter, they can begin discovering the wealth of information, physical activities, demonstrations and entertainment among family members, teachers and schools on how to assess and address their personal and community wellness.
• Strengthen community by connecting local and national businesses, media, sports teams, universities, non-profit organizations, and city service organizations (fire and police departments, hospitals, and local governments) with local residents around a focus on wellness.
• Activities: Exhibitors each offer an activity for those who attend the event, providing a variety of fun. Thousands of participants at this all-day event enjoy fitness contests, games, hands-on cooking for adults and youth, food tastings, arts and crafts, inflatables, healthy giveaways, face painting, prizes and much more.
• Healthy Food: Bringing in a variety of restaurants, grocery stores, planting, healthy organizations that educate and hands on experience for plant-base.
• Entertainment: Continuous live entertainment features local and nationally recognized musicians, entertainers and performers, including dance and martial arts troupes.
• Introduce The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ is a K-6th grade comprehensive “whole child” wellness literacy education curriculum that has been created to “Build A Culture of Health” through our educational system

07/24/2021 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Jyl Steinback