Managing COVID-19 With BJC In-Home Monitoring
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Managing COVID-19 With BJC In-Home Monitoring

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented many challenges for managing patient care. To meet one of those challenges, BJC Medical Group and Washington University School of Medicine collaborated to create an in-home monitoring program for those sick with COVID-19. The program is helping patients to recover at home, while keeping health care providers as safe as possible.

The program involves a daily check-in for each patient via the MyChart smartphone app or a phone call. This process allows medical professionals to identify signs of worsening illness early. That way, they can intervene and provide patients with the care they need before their illness worsens to the point of hospitalization.

During the check-in, patients answer a series of questions, such as: What is your temperature? How is your cough? Do you have shortness of breath?

If any worrisome responses are flagged, a nurse or medical assistant will follow up with the patient via phone call. If necessary, they will also schedule a virtual visit with a doctor or nurse practitioner or advise the patient to come to the hospital for further care.

Ongoing home monitoring enables medical professionals to better manage symptoms, track a patient’s progress, and help the patient recover as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Begins on: September 4th, 2020
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