Weekly Meditation with DonnaRae
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Virtual guided meditations from Yoga Buzz.

Every Wednesday night we will gather “virtually” to meditate together with a focus on love, wisdom and liberation. With an open heart, we can learn to live more fully in the present moment. Find a comfortable spot at home, tune in, and join us!

This Yoga Buzz series is a growing community where everyone is invited to practice in a safe and welcoming space together. Sangha is a Pali word translated as beloved community and it’s used to describe a group of people who come together to practice meditation and mindfulness together.

In July, we are deepening Compassion.

Compassion meditation involves silently repeating certain phrases that express the intention to move from judgment to caring, from isolation to connection, from indifference or dislike to understanding. You don’t have to force a particular feeling or get rid of unpleasant or undesirable reactions; the power of the practice is in the wholehearted gathering of attention and energy, and concentrating on each phrase.

Session Overview:

Sessions are 30 Minutes long

Guided meditation
Reflections/sharing (optional)
Whether you are new to meditation or have been practicing for years you will always learn something new. So come out and join us every Wednesday night at 7:00pm!This free series will continue weekly, but please enroll for a ticket and you will be provided with a Zoom link to the online session.

*Note, the Zoom link will be emailed to you 30 minutes prior to each session.

We are committed to sharing these resources online at no cost, but please know we are still compensating all of our instructors for their time in leading practices online. Please consider making a DONATION to Yoga Buzz in any amount – your support is deeply appreciated.

July 22nd, 2020 thru August 26th, 2020
Wednesday 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM