Sibling Class
SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital Lake St. Louis
100 Medical Plaza
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367
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Activities designed to help children understand what it will be like to have a new sibling.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters, ages 2 - 10 years, who are expecting a new baby in their family are invited to their very own class! A Registered OB Nurse will explain to your child what a new baby looks like and how a new baby acts. They will learn what to expect and what they can do when the new baby arrives. Siblings are asked to bring their favorite doll or teddy bear so they can practice holding and diapering a baby. During this class the children will make a special gift to give their new baby. They, in turn, will receive Big Brother/Big Sister Certificates and sent home with several things to help the siblings adjust and prepare for the new arrival in their Family. Also included in this class is a tour of the OB Unit, so children get an opportunity to see where their Mommy will be, and perhaps, will even be able to see a real live baby. Healthy snacks are provided and parents are welcome to take photos of their child. Remember to bring a plain t-shirt of your child's size and color choice to the class. They will be using markers to create Big Brother/Sister t-shirts, so please dress them appropriately. Dolls for play time will be provided at the class. You will be with your child/ren in the class. However, if the child/ren are over 5, they may participate independently. Snacks are provided, so you may want to bring a sippy cup for your child.