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Health Tip of the Day - Cushman & Wakefield Connects with The Battlegrounds Mud Run for Employee Health and Fun 

Andy Arrick, a Vice President at Cushman & Wakefield in St. Louis got more than a great workout when he started training for the Battlegrounds Mud Run. He bonded with co-workers in new ways and felt encouraged to continue training, even when it got tough.

            “I loved the team aspect of the event; and it was great having our group there to help, support, and laugh hysterically at each other,” Andy said. “It was about 45 degrees that day. Six of us ran together for much of the course and shared the joy and pain of each obstacle.”

            Andy trained for the event as part of his company’s wellness program. Cushman & Wakefield believed the Mud Run could be a great team building event but knew many employees would need training.  Cushman & Wakefield offered a couple of training runs per week leading up to the event.

            Employees earned 50 wellness points for participating, the same as if they completed a marathon or triathlon. Battleground helped coordinate the communication about the event to the employees and provided the company with a special enrollment page with discounted rates. Cushman & Wakefield's approximately 50 participants were also able to enjoy a post-race VIP tent with food and beverages.

            “The Battlegrounds has developed a great course that is truly unique to other runs in the area,” Andy said.

 For more information visit, The Battlegrounds Mud Run post. Check out a photo of Cushman & Wakefield team in the Featured Events below.