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Health Tip of the Day: Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism

1. Eat Healthy Snacks: Snacking, if done right, can give your metabolism a boost. When you cut too many calories from your diet, your body senses famine and will eventually go into a "preservation" mode, where it holds on to fat and your metabolism slows. Instead, eat small portions of metabolism boosters such as carrots, nuts, grapes and melons.
2. Get Your Vitamins: When your body is deficient in a certain vitamin, it can lead to a slower metabolism. B vitamins have the power to boost your energy, and thus your metabolism.
3. Add some Spice to Your Life: Capsaicin---a molecule found in spicy foods such as peppers---has been shown to decrease cholesterol absorption and increase enzymes that help metabolize fat. Some studies suggest that capsaicin can help boost your metabolism by as much as 50 percent for three hours after ingestion, according to the book "365 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism."

4. Eat More Lean Protein: According to a study published by the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," when people ate more protein and cut down on fat, they reduced their calorie intake by 441 calories per day. Eating protein increases the effect of leptin, a hormone that helps the body feel full. Healthy protein metabolism boosters include baked fish, skinless baked chicken, eggs, beans, low-fat dairy products, lean pork, tofu and nuts.
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