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Ramp Up the Exercise for Summer!

Summer is right around the corner, with the temperatures going up, right now is the perfect time to get more active. Exercise is not only going to benefit you physically, but also mentally as it releases the “happy” hormones in the brain and betters your mood. Here are some easy tips that you can use to ramp up the exercise routine just in time for summer!

  1. Invite a friend to workout with: Not only will this make your workouts more fun, but also is an easy way to stay motivated. Having a friend by your side can help push you towards your goals.
  2. Enjoy nature: Getting outside in the summer and the warm temperatures is going to change the scenery with crisp and cool air. This change could also be beneficial with giving a boost in your mood.
  3. Spend more time in your workouts: Challenge yourself by spending a few extra minutes working out every day. Adding just an extra 10-20 minutes will make the workout less rushed. Being able to complete the session with both a warm-up and post-workout stretch is going to balance the workout.
  4. Make a change in your routine: Give yourself a challenge. Change it up by maybe taking a class or following an online routine to really increase the energy in your workouts.  
  5. Up the intensity level: Try and push yourself a little harder in your workouts. Increase the weight and increase the reps. Tip: incorporating HITT style training can boost your fitness level and positively impact your results. 



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