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Health Tip of the Day - The Most Effective Exercise You Don't Need a Machine For!

There are ways to accomplish weight loss goals without expensive machines or gym membership! Here are some of the most effective exercises and techniques you can do anytime, anywhere and with anyone. All you'll need is a good pair of tennis shoes.

1. Lunges- These are great exercises because they work several huge muscle groups that burn calories fast. In addition, they can help improve core strength and balance.

2. Push-ups- These are powerful exercises because they target arms, chest, and core muscles. Also, there are beginner versions for those who aren't ready to do the full push-up, or are injured.

3. Bent-over row- This exercise is great for the back and biceps, the last two main muscle groups. It is especially important to exercise the back to maintain strength and prevent injury.

Doctors recommend all these best exercises be done on an interval, meaning you slow down and speed up for specific numbers of repetitions. To learn how to do these great exercises, click here.