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Health Tip of the Day - Is Work-Related Stress Making Your Company Sick?

Stress is probably the most elusive enemy in the workplace, not just because there is no single way to measure it, but because no one really knows the right balance between healthy challenges and toxic work pressure.

The one thing we can measure is the cost of stress. According to the American Institue of Stress, stress is responsible for for half of the 550 million working days lost by American workers every year. It's estimated that this represents nearly $80 billion in lost productivity. 

A study found that people who feel stressed by their jobs sleep 20 less minutes on average than others. Research shows that lack of sleep increases the likeliness of attention deficits, cognitive impairment, work injuries, and, in the end, productivity loss. 60% of stressed employees gain weight on starting a new job, against 40% of others. They also have higher heart rates and are in more excess weight. 

The good news is that stress is something we can fight by adopting healthier lifestyles. Employees need to get that blood pumping and break a little sweat. Physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones that act as a natural stress reliever by generating a sensation of well-being. Active people are significantly less affected by stress (59%) than their sedentary peers (69%). 

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