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Health Tip of the Day: Sit Smarter with Yoga

You may have heard that "sitting is the new smoking." Not only does sitting lead to aches and pains, edema, varicose vains, sciatia and more but new studies are showing it can also increase your risk for getting a disease that may prematurely kill you. Unfortunately, it's not very easy to quit sitting. 

One way that you can help battle the risks of sitting is by "sitting smarter" with the help of yoga. Here are the steps to practicing a five-point posture check:

  1. Feet and knees: Place your feet hip-distance apart, with your knees at hip level. Avoid crossing your legs or ankles, which can stifle blood flow and cause swelling. 
  2. Hips and pelvis: Evenly distribute your weight through your "sitting bones", the bony parts of your pelvis you can feel making contact with your seat. 
  3. Back and spine: Maintain the natural curve of your spine-don't try to straighten it. 
  4. Shoulders and chest: Your chest should be open with your shoulders sitting evenly. Concentrate on pulling the bottom points of your shoulder blades downward rather than inward.
  5. Head and neck: Align your head and neck between your shoulders rather than lurching into "texting neck."  

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